Annichen Sibbern – a knitting pioneer

Annichen Sibbern worked at Norsk Folkemuseum and was asked by the manager to collect knitted sweaters from around Norway in the 1920s. She did, and copied the patterns which she then published in a book called Norwegian Knitting Designs from 1928.

The sweaters she collected was mainly from the 1850s when knitting was still quite new in the country. Most of the sweaters came from Selbu, Fana (Bergen) and Setesdal. Annichen wanted to put Norwegian knitting into focus, and she also created fabulous patterns herself.

In the last part of the 1920s there was a great fascination with Greenland in Norway, much because of the film “Eskimo” which was the first Norwegian film with speech. The heroine of the film was an inuitt and wore the national costume with pears embroidered around the neckline. Inpired by this Sibbern made the Eskimo sweater.


For more about Norways knitting history click here:

Unn Søiland Dales Eskimo sweater

Setesdalskofta cardigan

The Selbu mitten



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