Unn Søiland Dales Eskimo sweater

The photo above shows Ingrid Bergman and her children. The children (Isabella Rosselini to the right) are all wearing Eskimo sweaters designed by Unn Søiland Dale in 1953. This is a newer Eskimo design than the one made of Sibbern in 1930.

Søiland Dale was inspired to make this from seeing a photo of the Danish royal family wearing inuitt clothing. And once more the inuitts pearl embroidery was made into a knitting pattern. This recipe  was published by Sandnes Garn, which is a large wool manufacturer in Norway. This Round yoke pattern was of great importance to Norway internationally.

The picture below shows an original sketch of the Eskimo pattern from 1952. It shows advanced calculations and that it was knitted in one piece.


The picture below shows Unn Søiland Dale modeling her Eskimo Sweater on the cover of the knitting pattern for Sandnes Garn, 1952


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