Nordkapp kofta cardigan

The Nordkapp kofta cardigan could possibly be based on a Sami mitten pattern. It was designed by Unn Søiland Dale in the 1950s for the wollen mill Sandnes Garn.

Soon after it was launched, the Iranian empress Soroya was pictured wearing it in a Swiss magazine.

The cardigan regained popularity when the main broadcaster in Norway, NRK, made a TV series called “Hjem” in 2012. One of the main characters Oda wore the Nordkapp cardigan on the show, and soon after a lot of people wanted to knit this.

An Oda pattern was published in the weekly womens magazine Norsk Ukeblad in 2013. There is also a pattern published in the book “Kofteboken 2” called Garnmannen 175 which is very similar to this cardigan.



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