Stjernetrøye star sweater from Sotra

The star sweater is a traditional sweater from the island of Sotra outside the city of Bergen.

This sweater with eight pedal rose pattern was high fashion on Sotra from 1850 and onwards.

A tradesman and the mayor of Sotra, a man called Nils Storesund wore his beloved sweater to pieces in the 1930s. His sweater was supposedly made by a lady from Kallestad in Fell municipality. Storesund made his daughter in law copy the pattern so he could get a new one. This pattern has since been developed within the family.


In 2015 the wool factory Hillestad Ullvarefabrikk chose the star cardigan “Stjernetrøya” to front their knit collection for the fall.

The factory sells the cardigan in ready to make packs including yarn and pattern. The buyers decide themselves what colours they want. It can be knitted in two different yarn types: Ask on sticks 3 – 3,5 or Huldra on sticks 2 – 2,5.


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