Nissen på bru sweater

This pattern was based on a 100 year old “nisse” (elf) thats been cut out of wood and painted in Vinje in Telemark.

The little “nisse” was carved by woodcutter Olav Tveito and painted by rose painter Øystein Vesaas. He inspired knitting enthusiast Annemor Sundbø to create this pattern.

The pattern was originally painted on the nisse by Vesaas, and it is not known where he got the inspiration from. Maybe he created it from his own mind.

In the Norwegian folktale our dead ancestors lives on as “nisser”. These small old men watches after the farms, and it is best to please them by for instance give them porridge in a bowl outside the house.


For more on Norways knitting history click here:

The Selbu mitten

History of knitting in Norway

Annichen Sibbern – a knitting pioneer


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