The Selbu mitten

Selbu in Sør Trøndelag municipality is considered to be one of the most important origins of knits in Norway.

The Selbu knitting has become a well known phrase in knitting circles both in Norway and abroad, and it includes a lot of the typical two coloured knitting products in our country.

In Selbu people started to produce knits early and before 1900 the first mittens were delivered to Norsk Husflids venner in Trondheim for sale. They were knitted by Marie Guldseth Emstad, who is known for having invented the Selbu pattern. The story says that she was no more than 11 years old when she experimented her way to developing the pattern. This happened when she was looking after the cattle by the “seter” a little cottage a bit away from the main farm of her family in 1852.


Later on she taught the technique  to both family and neighbours, and not long after the whole community was knitting the Selbu pattern.

The community then developed the pattern further into many different forms. Some of them were for instance called “Hoemsrosa” and “Kolsetrosa” named after the farm where they were made.


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