Kaisa mittens

Simply beautiful mittens!



This month the blog Pinnekroken have a challenge to knit to the theme “own luxury”. I love my Frida mittens, I use them every day but it wouldn’t harm anyone to have another pair. So I have knitted me a new pair of mittens, Kaisa mittens with slightly different technique and played a little bit with colors.

100 g Smart Superwash SandnesGarn (Color: 6545)
50 g Smart Superwash SandnesGarn (Color: 3525)
Double pointed needles size 3 (US 2,5)
Double pointed needles size 3.5 (US 4)

Gauge: 10 cm = 22 stitches


Right mitten:
Cast on 48 stitches on double pointed needles size 3 mm (US 2,5). Then work in rib (* K2, P2 *) to the rib measured 7 cm. Switch to a double pointed needles size 3.5 mm (US 4) and knit 1 round stockinette st. at the same time dec 4 sts evenly spread = 44 sts. From here should be as follows;

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