Jorids Christmas heart mittens free pattern

Although christmas is over, I thought I should anyhow share these charming mittens with you. The design is made by Jorid Linvik, who is a profiled Norwegian blogger.She has blogged for years and har also published two books. One of them is also in English. It is called “Big book of knitted mittens”. The other one is about socks, but I don´t think it is in English yet..She also has an online pattern shop, and she is on Ravelry. In addition to mittens and socks, she also designs hats.


You can buy the book here: Big book of knitted mittens

The book includes 45 patterns.

The mittens that Jorid designs are based on the Norwegian geometric- patterned tradition, but she has a charming twist to them including a lot of animals in her designs. They look traditional but at the same time contemporary.

Here is the free mitten pattern: jorid-s-christmas-heart

I am adding her free socks pattern too: jorids-christmas-heart-socks


For Jorids pattern shop click here: Jorids pattern shop

For more inspirational mittens see: The dancing grannies mitten

The spider mittens

Eternal love mitten




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