The Clara baby dress free pattern

This cute little baby dress called the Clara dress is well known amongst experienced knitters in Norway. It was first time published in a booklet by the yarn mill Sandnes Garn in the 50s. It is knitted in the Mamsell yarn.

In the times between 1935 and 1955 a lot of the knitting recipes that were used in Norway came from the weekly women magazines that were hugely popular. Almost every family read 3 issues a week! A lot of the recipes here were probably taken from abroad and copied from different knitting books. Since knitting was seen as a women type of work they did not bother so much with the copyrights. In most women magazines they didn’t even list who made the recipes – only the editing staff.

The most important women magazines at the time was:

Norsk Ukeblad ( started in 1933)

Norsk Dameblad (started in 1938)

Alle Kvinner (started in 1937)

Kvinner og Klær ( started in 1908)

Nordisk Mønstertidende ( A Danish magazine from the 1800s that later turned into Kvinner og Klær)

A version of the Clara dress was published in a knitting book published by Alle Kvinner in 1957-58.


Here is the link to the booklet:

I also found a Clara pattern in English here:



For more inspiring knitting stories read here:

Annichen Sibbern – a knitting pioneer

Unn Søiland Dales Eskimo sweater




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