Arne & Carlos Setesdal design with a twist

Arne Nerjordet and Carlos Zachrison are two highly regarded Norwegian designers, textile artists and authors. They are best known for their craft books and their original, colourful and visually striking designs. Their work is highly influenced by their Norwegian background and their everyday life in rural Norway. They work under their artist name ARNE & CARLOS, which they established in 2002.


ARNE & CARLOS’ work is on permanent display in two museums in Oslo, Norway: The National Museum of Art, Architecture and Design and the Norwegian Museum of Cultural History. They have also been on display at The Louisiana Museum of Modern Art in Denmark and The Gwangju Museum of Modern Art in South Korea.

Their creative base is located 170 kilometres north of Oslo, Norway in the mountainous region known as Valdres. Between the lake and the mountains, visitors will find a disused railway station that has been converted into their own eclectic design studio and home. In this idyllic location Arne Nerjordet and Carlos Zachrison absorb the rich traditions of Scandinavian arts and crafts while adding their own personal inspirations.


In their book “Norwegian knits with a twist” they focus on the traditional Setesdal patterns and make great redesigns of garments with variations of this pattern. From the book cover it says:

“Traditional embroidery, tapestry and knitting motifs from Setesdal in the south of Norway are brilliantly reconcieved in this fabulously fresh collection of knitting projects from Arne & Carlos. Over 30 patterns promise endless sources of delight and inspiration: men and women sweaters, pillows, hats, cowls, mittens, wrist and leg warmers, socks, blankets and so much more!”



Setesdal is a beautiful valley in the south of Norway, home of the Otra River—the largest river in the Sørlandet region. It is also the birthplace of the “Setesdal sweater,” the traditional Scandinavian knit pattern with isolated black stitches known as “lice.”

When Arne Nerjordet—the one half of Arne & Carlos made a pilgrimage to Setesdal in his adulthood, he found the ramshackle home where his grandmother grew up, abandoned but still standing. Within, the attic was littered with old magazines, books, letters, and postcards. It was these aged and crinkled images from the past that became the inspiration behind the fabulous new knitting patterns in this book.

“We believe in anchoring new designs in old traditions,” say Arne and Carlos. “When we go back in time and examine our cultural heritage and history, we can bring something back to incorporate into our work and create something new—designed with our own ‘twist.


The book can be bought at Amazon:

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