The Marius sweater – a classic!

In the early 50s knitting was really in fashion in Norway (as it is all the time but now it reached a peak), and the well known knitting designer Unn Søiland Dale got an assignment to dress the actors in the film Troll i Ord. The film was a comedy set in a hotel in the mountains during the Easter holidays.

See more about Unn Søiland Dale here: Unn Søiland Dales Eskimo sweater

In the role as the handsome ski instructor , was the down hill skier Marius Eriksen. He wore a Marius sweater along with the other actors Henki Solstad and danish Jytte Ibsen.


Marius Eriksens brother; Stein Eriksen was a down hill skier as well in addition to also being an olympic winner in the genre. He was the first to be photographed  wearing the Marius sweater, but it was Marius who ended up on the cover of the first knitting receipe published by Sandnes Garn. Se photo of Stein below.


The daughter of Unn Søiland Dale – Vigdis Yran Dale thinks it is several reasons why this sweater became such a hit. The pattern is beautiful, clean, simple and has a good composition. The use of the colours of the Norwegian flag was totally new at the time and was well received. The pattern is inspired by the Setesdal sweater, but it is simpler to knit.

The Marius sweater is today one of Norways most sold patterns, and it is knitted in many different colour combinations. Se photos below of our previous prime minister Gro Harlem Brundtland and the wife of previous American president Jimmy Carter, Rosalyn- both wearing the sweater.



See link to free Marius inspired patterns on Revelry here:



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